Christofer Tolis, PhD
  Consultant and Researcher


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Business modelling
Business development
Change management

Business processes
Value creation
Interorganisational collaboration

Strategy solutions
Value analysis
Feedback loops

Concept analysis
Data structures
Knowledge management

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On this site, you will find a brief presentation of my work in consulting, research and lecturing. My interest in all three roles revolves around a set of focus clusters, as listed to the left. For futher information and possible collaboration, please use the contact details on the right.

Consulting »

In my work as consultant, I offer support to organisations and individuals regarding business development, information technology, and training activities.

Research »

In addition to my individual research at EFI / Stockholm School of Economics, I have participated in two larger projects together with participants from other universities and industry:

Interorganisational Collaboration and Information Management (ISI) - joint research project between Linköping University and Stockholm School of Economics.

Business Modelling Research Consortium - joint research consortium with researchers from Stockholm School of Economics, Royal Institute of Technology and Linköping University.

Lecturing »

Over the years, I have taught in a number of different university courses at Stockholm School of Economics and the University of Melbourne:

Information Systems Modelling
Information Systems Change Management
Organisational Processes
Business Modelling & Solutions
Business Development & IT
Information Management
Business and Information Development
Information Management Change Project
Managing IS Development
Information and Business Processes

Qualifications »

Ph.D. in Business Administration, specialising in Information Management, Stockholm School of Economics (2005). 

University Diploma in Psychology and Education, Stockholm University (2001). 

M.Sc. in Economics and Business, specialising in Information Management, Stockholm School of Economics (1994).

Publications (selected) »

Tolis, C. (2005) Framing the Business: Business Modelling for Business Development, The Economic Research Institute (EFI), Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm. Also available electronically on:

Nilsson, A.G., Tolis, C. & Nellborn, C. (eds.) (1999) Perspectives on Business Modelling: Understanding and Changing Organisations, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany.

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Skype: christofer.tolis

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